by Emilie Lang



Chef on a boat is a documentary series dealing about an adventurous chef, Emilie Lang, who travelled the whole world as a yacht chef in order to experience new flavors and gastronomy.

Each episode will take place in one of the most breathtaking locations on the globe, in order to discover an ancestral emblematic dish.

After chasing for the finest local ingredients at their source, she will revisit those iconic specialities with her witching touch, sharing with the spectator her secrets tricks and techniques that enhance every dishand make it magic.



The concept of chef on a boat is to reunite adventure, gastronomy and nature.
With the fusional work of Gabriel Otero, a 69 awards winner filmmaker and chef Emilie Lang, a former actress who became
a chef in gastronomy, private chef for celebrities and yacht chef around the world.
Chef on a boat will be shot with a cinematographic esthetic, with a lot of poetry, revealing the purity and beauty of what the earth can offer.
We will carry the spectator trough a culinary journey acrosssea and nature.
We will make discover the most emblematic dish of each place and go to the restaurant who is an institution for that speciality and interview the chef in the kitchen in order toredo the dish on the boat with the touch of Emilie.
We will meet the best local farmers, fishermens, manufacturers of local products.
We will visit the best food markets because this is how youunderstand the culinary culture of a country.
We will hunt, fish and pick what nature has best to offer us.
From all this comes a message:
Elevate gastronomy, while maintaining culinary tradition and beauty of products contributes to protect nature and raise the social level of all people making a living from thatindustry.
It contributes to a sustainable development economy.
Just as is the case in Peru, cuisine has become a social weapon that ameliorates peoples lifes and preserve the environment
and its biodiversity.

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