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International Short Film Festival Music & Fashion 
Parachute Light Zero VI Edition 
Paris 26 september   2020

International Open Call

Parachute Light Zéro is a natural continuation of festivals held in Argentina between 2000 and 2007: especially, the events of Festival Internacional de Arte Digital which aimed to create an interaction space between novices, artists and professionals of digital art, design, video, photography, music. And also any other event oriented toward experimental practice (performances, installations, etc.) having a link with the audiovisual, such as multimedia production, Vj, Dj, or audiovisual creation of any kind. Each artist, involved, was seeking new forms of expression. The Festival Internacional de Arte Digital was the first festival of this kind in Argentina, and the first real space distribution of independent Argentinean artists’ works working with digitization of sound and image through various media.

Impact and target

Promote art, discovering new artists (film schools, visual art, photography, theater, fashion, multimedia, or other non-conventional and experimental art movement) while inviting the public to live an unexpected experience: artistic, intellectual, hedonistic and plurisensensuelle. 

ON LINE registration 20 february 2019

 Call for Proposal - Submissions - ENTRY FORM !!!

1 - Participants: artists around the world without age limit. 
2 - Registration only on (15 euros) as the exclusive submissions and entries to the Festival Parachute Light Zero Act VII
3 - The works will be individual or collective, but the registration form will select a representative. The artist may only submit one original work by category. 
4 - The video length is set between 3 seconds and 9 minutes maximum [we can have exceptions ]. 
5 - Will not be accepted works which are not original or have already been published. The works will be recent and not prior to 01-01-2015. 
6 - Will not be accepted works that do not strictly comply with regulations specified for each category. 
7 - Participation in this event implies the permission Rattlesnakes Multimedia Design to present work in the context of the Parachute Light Zéro Act VII, Paris . All rights of the work are, of course, property of the author . Any other use will be subject to a prior request from the author. 
8 - The authors, producers and distributors give the right to free use of the work for non profit diffusion in Festival Parachute Light Zéro Act VII, Paris 2020 or any other diffusion (communication, advertising, promotion, whether via Internet, TV or other media), always citing the authors of the work. 
9 - The works selected by the jury will not be returned and will be part of the archives for Rattlesnakes Multimedia Design. The jury's decisions are final. 
10 - The Organizing Committee will not be responsible for any theft or accidental events that could damage the works. The Festival Parachute Light Zéro also waive any additional costs to customs or any other expenses caused by sending the material. Authors, producers and distributors waive all claims against the organizers, including claims and losses that may arise during the duration of the festival. However, every precaution will be taken for the backup and the storage of the material in the best conditions. 
11 - Online registration to Parachute Light Zéro Act VII, Paris 2020, will be validated upon receipt of paper form (duly completed and signed in accordance with the formula "I have read and accept the basis of the call for proposals "). 
12. Videos with religious or racist content will be exclude.

Terms of registration and submission of works

Registration ON LINE. Registration only on (15 euros) as the exclusive submissions and entries to the Festival Parachute Light Zero Act VII. Participants must fully complete the registration form and return it as shown on the festival site before the deadline of 03 January 2020 (official close of registration).

The festival will make a pre-selection of the works to be broadcast only those selected will be contacted by email to the email address provided by the participant.

The registration form duly completed and signed, must also accompany attachment, sending via internet equipment (video / short film). Videos or short films will preferably be in French subtitles.

A photo of the work will be required and mandatory (downloaded from the site in jpeg. 300dpi).

Thank you for sending your output format video file / short film screening 
Send your application, your data sheets and audio-visual material recorded on We transfer ( HD 1920 X 1080 pixels 19 :9), MPEG 4, H264.


1) Digital Video animation, alternative, avant-garde, experimental, surreal, science fiction, documentary, non-narrative, radical, film noir, erotic, except category.

2) Fashion Show including video and  or mapping

3) Music Live , Experimental Music *

4) Performance , Instalation , Photography

5) Poetry  Spoken , Reading et Café Littéraire *

6) Street Art *

7) Video Mapping Live DJ Set + VJ set Dj, Vj set *

* Pre-selection of the works (on line via Vimeo, Website, You tube, etc). Send a synopsis of the project, photographs and / or video, scale models, measures, and other necessary information.


International Call for artists

Call for Proposal - Submissions - ENTRY FORM !!!

Short Film Festival Music & Fashion Parachute Light Zero Act VI 2019

Inscription ON LINE 20 February 2019  (deadline 03 février 2020)

# Artist :

Nom et prénom / Name and first name artist ______________________________________________

Address ______________ Town _______________ Zip Code ________________________________

Country of residence ________________________ Nationality _______________________________

Telephone _______________ Mobile Phone __________________ E- mail ______________________

Artist web site ______________________________________________________________________

Au sujet de l'artiste (300 mots max.) / About the artist (300 words max) ___________________________

# Work____________________________________________________________________________

Titre de l’oeuvre / Work’s title___________________________________________________________

Works web site ______________________________________________________________________

Résumé du travail (10 lignes max.)/ Synopsis about submitted work (10 lines max)___________________

Format original/ Original format________________________________________________________

Durée / Duration____________________________________________________________________

Année de création / Year _______________________________________________________________

Site internet du travail / Work on-line vimeo, youtube: ________________________________________

Site internet de l’artiste /Artist’s portfolio/website____________________________________________

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