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★★★ International Short Film Festival Music & Fashion ★★★
★★★ PLZ III Edition 15 -16 avril 18.00 ★★★
★★★ Peniche L'Improviste ★★★

Le Programation


► Artistes Selection Officielle !!!

A Letter Home From Rehab by Tyler Mahoney Australia 2.50

A Lizard Under The Skin by Maud Neve Belgium 15.32

Bear by Hillary by Good United States 2.30

Bubble by Jiawei Gong China 4:07

Buried Alive by Arezou Zibaei Iran, Islamic Republic of 2.22

Catherine by Oliwia Siem London 3:00

Choban by Matija Pisačić Croatia 18:20

Classic Night by Rénata Charkiopoulos France 3.01

Damn Volvoxes by Arthur Omarov Russian Federation 1.00

Desert child by Luna Steven Island of Malta 3.45

Dreams and Spaces in Between by John Graham Canada 8:41

Dust Man by Mahsa Samani Iran, Islamic Republic of 6.47

Fabrice et le colis by Rénata Charkiopoulos France 5.00

Giselle by Maria Elias Dominican Republic 3.41

Il ya un seul ombré Badblood by Anggy Haif France 10

Je suis Un bisou by El-Hadji Kalidou Diallo France 2.20

je suis un trésor by Léa Julienne France 2.19

Just a Random Life by Kristine Rande Norway 5.30

La Femme Qui Cherche by renana aldor Israel 7.45

Locker X by Brian May Germany 6.17

Mexican Flamenco by Nur Rubio Sherwell Mexico 8:50

Midnight Dinner by With-Seidelin Skov Denmark 4:42

Olivier De Sagazan - The ship of fools by Alexandre Degardin France 8.22

On Your Feet, Woman! By Evi Tsiligaridou United Kingdom 7.40

Once by Julien Le Goff France 2.26

Platinum by Katharine So Canada 5.03

Pneuma (triptyque) by Antonello Matarazzo Italy 2.30

Prey by Laurence Verheijen Belgium 3.07

Scarlet Anemone by Andrea De Taddeo Italy 5.00

Scenario Plan by Yali Herbet Israel 3:45

Scrota for Mom by O Woomi Chung United States 9.51

Seclusion by Giulio Pennacchi Italy 14.01

Self by Slawomir Milewski Poland 4.30

smart dress is absolutely essential by Slawomir Milewski Poland 7:30

Stephanie Anspach SS16 by Maud Neve Belgium 4:09

Sweet. Loving. Caring by Emma Healy Ireland 5:42

The Cut by Jeroen Pool Netherlands 5.22

The Eye of the Storm by Masanobu Hiraoka Japan 5.03

The right Glass by Biswanath Rath India 1:58

The Roughest Toughest Frail by Naomi Moser United States 3.23

The Stream V by Hiroya Sakurai Japan 5.30

The Supper by Alice Sesoko Brasil 2.45

Third World River by Michael Rfdshir United States 5.11 * World Premiere

This is not a horror movie by Silvia De Gennaro Italy 6.24

Tide by Anastazja Fedorowicz Norway 3 :18

TRiplete PLástico by Ignacio Tamarit Argentina 1:38

Vomit by Kerem Akbaş Turkey 6:21

Voyage by Poiana Marian Romania 8.18

Walk in Frames by Harold Charre France 3.22

Wind, Stone and Women by KIM SEONGMIN Korea, Republic of 14.20

Women in Red Seahorse Aria by Maria Dubin Denmark 6.24

Р by Tatiana Skorlupkina Russian Federation 2.20

► Nanyang Technological University - School Of Art, Design And Media Singapore

Alucinari BY Loh Li Wei - Chen Huitian Singapore 3.06

Coldsteam byNicholas Chia Yeo Shiyun, Goh Peng Fong, and Yang Sishuo Singapore 1.57

Pale Blue Dot by Chin Li Zhi Singapore 3.59

The Octopus Lady by Amanda Wang Ziyan Singapore 3.34

Trolled by Tao Kai Yuan Singapore 4:26

You Ci Ke (有刺客) BY Ronald Fong Ren Kai Singapore 4.46

► Project 92 Avant Premiere

235 [92] by Gabriel Otero

Fu.9Ku.Shima by Philippe Neau

Happiness by Maureen Bachauss

Marine Concerns , human smells of oceanic stones by Camelia Mirescu

No More Upgrade by Sonia Laura

Suspended World by Alienor Vallet

Tu n'as rien vu by Pablo Molina Guerrero

Underwater Desert by Maria Korporal

Water Pollution by Shivkumar K V

► Stylistes

Anggy Haif

Singing Birds & Laughing Bees

Melanie Dylis

Angie Flore


► Manequins

Julie Jardon

Lara Jalloh Pro

Mary Sko

Florence Precy

Anna Faye

Catherine Davydzenka

Juliana Marquez

Victoria Dauberville

Manon Dargent

Agathe Estrangin

Noémie du Chouchet

Val Tine

Elena Sokhoshko

N'deye Dramé

Linda Cormier

Solen Perlin

► Dj

AfterButBefore (France )

Ganesha Desarzens ( Geneve)

Yuki [BLISS PROMO] ( Japon)

Alessandro Anania [BLISS PROMO] ( Italy )

► Vj

Mushroom & Guests

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