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★★★ International Short Film Festival Music & Fashion ★★★
★★★ PLZ IV Edition 01 juin - 18.00 ★★★
★★★ OFF Seine Hotel Paris ★★★

Le Programation

★ Court-métrages [Selection Officielle Festival PLZ IV edition]
★ Bistronomie [Caprices Thaïs , Cocktails & Champagne ]
★ Défile Katia Sanz
★ Installation Sculpturale  Alexandra Mas
★ Music Minimal & Deep House by
Marie Prieux Dj Set
Lou Bernier-Elvinger Dj Set
Deborah Rolls Dj Set
Coni Soddemann Dj Set
★ Instalation et Vj Mapping
Karina JunkFood
Shendra Stucki
Gabriel Otero


★★★ Court-métrages [Selection Officielle Festival PLZ IV edition]

A Portrait of Rafel Delalande Valentin Petit 3:12 France ok tag

This intimate portrait is at the crossroad between documentary, experimental film & music video. The idea is to depict the artist world : a dark and violent universe based on religious references.


Sigint Phil Hastings 3:48 Usa

Signal Intelligence - the act of collecting/intercepting information. SIGINT takes an interstellar journey using the microscopic image as proxy for other worlds. What information is out there that can be collected from beyond our world?


Neutra's dream Stephen French 3:47 Usa

Neutra's dream takes place inside the home of architect Richard Neutra. Over a thirty-year period hundreds of projects on four continents were designed here. In our film, we witness one ladies dream from inside the VDL Silverlake home. featuring wardrobe by Agyness Deyn & Tracy Moore with music by Neil Davidge.


Suspension Neil Kendricks 2:34 Usa

An unseen protagonist is drawn to an enigmatic searchlight piercing the darkness in a lonely vigil for lost souls at sea.

Hornz Anna Dukhonina 2.25 Russian Federation

A fashion film for a Russian fashion brand "Yarega" about a mysterious woman's soul, its versatility and unpredictability.


Panic Attack khaled alwarea 11.24 Syrian Arab Republic

Racing images and visual elements distort reality and embody the surreal, taking the viewer into a visceral manifestation of a Panic Attack, through a deformed chronological trip of its disturbing stages. With an abstract plot and minimal dialogue, the symbolic struggle between the victim and the captor emerges, demonstrating a first-hand mental experience of a Syrian-regime detainee.

The film questions the paradigm of modern humanity and its most basic of values; drawing criticism from the violence experienced within the detention center on the entirety of the human civilization and its nature.

Panic Attack, an urgent short experimental film, documents an element of the filmmaker’s existential crisis created by his incarceration, within one of the infamous Syrian-regime secret service detention centers for practicing basic forms of freedom of expression; denouncing the regime.


Sky Pacers Harvey Goldman 8.10 Usa

When the serenity of the great void and the fury of the cosmos intersect, when quantum mechanics and relativity come face to face, tiptoe and waddle, skitter and scuttle, whirl and whisk,
behold: The Prophecy of the Sky Pacers is now! There is no escaping our cosmic destiny.


Where I am is Somewhere Else Sebastian J Lowe 8.08 Denmark

Are we able to see sound? Is it possible for us to be sojourners of multiple worlds through music, and if so, how?

“Where I am is Somewhere Else” explores mimetic empathy as a method of musical composition used by taonga p?oro musicians (M?ori musical instruments). Emphasising the players’ awareness of the natural environment and how they harness and utilise empathy to create music, this short film looks at how the musicians come into contact with and subsequently connect to the natural world through M?ori whakapapa, or genealogy, both human and non-human, such as rivers, trees and birds. “Where I am is Somewhere Else” accentuates how they utilise their senses to imagine and furthermore empathise with something, before turning these experiences into music.

This film is part of my master's dissertation in visual anthropology at Aarhus University, Denmark, 2016.

The Lake Veta Geraskina 5.32 Georgia

There is a place between city and forest. There are feeling between love and passion.
There is a true between reality and fiction. Young beautiful wonen wanders among these spaces.


Crossroads / The Beauty of Gemina Tonio Krueger 4.26 Switzerland

A dark story about love, loss, turning points, grief and hope. A little dead in Venice.

Zen Filip Kalczyński 2.59 Poland

Simplicity. Harmony. Light. Short story about pervasion of city and nature, modernity and zen, intensity and calmness. Relaxing piece with clothes of the young polish creators in the background.

Pagans Mariel Cortés 3.43 Mexico

After the young witches are guided into a ceremony and get a necklace that is transforming them, their sisterhood grows and make them liberate in an independent way at the point that they transform their spirit. PAGANS is a short film about sisterhood into a very personal liberation.

Liserica Delfina Mayer 2.55 Germany

Interface Mel Hsieh 2.28 - Taiwan

This animated film rests on the idea that digital media is like a transparent, thin layer of skin that shields our notion of self, and also the ability to transform and change. Like a self-portrait made of assemblages, the film investigates coexisting multiple digital identities to convey the message that “the best interface is no interface”. Assuming that the digital phenomenon is reshaping our culture, the film aims to synthesize and decode the compression of an over-connected modern society by visualizing that which is lost in translation and the art of error.


Blank Ashka Kedziora 1.51 United Kingdom

Being born pure and innocent we are surrounded by different forms of temptations and desires. We explore them very carefully at first but in some cases we gradually loose the ability to control them. This often turns into obsession/addiction that we cannot escape.


20 Coups de pied Dimitar Dimitrov 6.00 Bulgaria

Ce corps … qui suit les flâneries de mes désirs qui paie l`addition pour eux.
Alors que mon ame cherche sa voie


Its Not The End of The World - The Hide Marielle Tepper 3.28 Usa

Set in a surreal retro futuristic world, we examine the future of modern society, particularly with regard to the unanticipated consequences our species.


Miasma Scott Fretwell 1.05 Canada

Miasma is a short experimental fashion film for a startup Toronto based brand; Graffiti Apparel. The film is highly visual and draws on the concept of emergence and transformation within the fashion industry. This concept is driven by the idea behind the Miasma line that is made from recycled and organic materials.
Designer: Tina Trowbridge


Detour Anna Radchenko 3.19 United Kingdom

Texture and colour splice in an ambrosial study of one woman’s sensual solitary experience.


3 Words For Paris Cokau  3.52 France

One city, two artists, three words, millions of possibilities.
Dozens of people, from different horizons, of different social classes, ages and sex have answered this question: « what makes Paris so special in 3 words? ».

We illustrated their answers in an original, surprising and stylized way by creating a 4-minute movie.


Cosmos Alexan Kevork Sarikamichian 4.06 Argentina

COSMOS is the story of three friends spending a weekend in the woods where true feelings start to arise. Being away from home and surrounded by nature and themselves, makes their true desires possible. In the woods, alcohol, sexual encounters, fights, jealousy and love are part of the same universe. The movie was shot in the City of chivilcoy, bs as Argentina where the director al sa used to spend his summers in his childhood. Alexan Sarikamichian is a film producer, his films were nominated in cannes, san sebastian (Pude Ver Un Puma, La Donna, Juana a los 12, Paula) and he has since challenged himself to start a career as a director with very positive results so far.

★★★ Katia Sanz

La mode est un langage de l’instant. [ Muicca Prada ]
L’univers de la mode,pour lequel Katia Sanz travaille depuis toujours,contribue aussi à mettre l’imagination du créateur en effervescence.Une véritable seconde peau ou un objet de mode,choisir de s’offrir un vêtement sur mesure et une démarche à nulle autre pareille.
Un instant unique – Un univers d’exception
Par essence,un vêtement sur mesure est unique,une pièce exceptionnelle,qu’on le porte tous les jours ou qu’il ne soit voué qu’à accompagner un moment unique.Toutes les excentricités sont permises,tant dans les matières que dans les lignes,dans les couleurs dans les finitions.
Ma fabrication est 100% Made in France

★★★ Alexandra Mas "Installation Sculpturale "

Née en Transylvanie, d’origine russe, Alexandra Mas intègre à l’âge de 14 ans le collège puis l’Université des Beaux Arts de Bucarest. Elle s’établit ensuite en France pour se consacrer au design et à l’architecture d’intérieur, et travaille au Musée du Louvre avant de se consacrer entièrement à son art. Alexandra Mas puise son inspiration dans l’expression corporelle, la musique, et des sujets sensibles de la société comme la féminité ou l’écologie. Elle crée une imagerie très éclectique et son cheminement intellectuel nous transporte dans un univers de complexité sensorielle. Son art est expressif et le geste puissant, on ressent une sorte de contradiction permanente entre force et délicatesse

★★★ Life On Mars

Expérience cosmique avec casques qui a debuté en Argentine sous l'initiative de David Fuchs. Les casques ont voyagé depuis Burning Man dans le desert du Nevada, jusqu'à LIFE ON MARS Argentina (Casa Cordoba), AfrikaBurn puis Nowhere (Espagne).

★★★ Emilie Lang Traiteur [ Cuisine Gastronomique Française]


C'est à travers mes voyages que vient mon inspiration , la culture du monde associée à la culture française ...mais aussi et avant tout le terroir , parce que c'est avec les meilleurs ingrédients qu'on fait la meilleure cuisine .

★★★ Nice 2 Paint You

Les niceTopainters de Nice 2 Paint You vous transformeront en créatures de lumiere calligraphique tribale dans leur espace magique

///////////  Un peu d'histoire  ///////////

★★★ Rattlesnake Multimedia Design Productora Independiente

Gabriel Otero, créateur, en 2000, de la structure Rattlesnake Multimedia Design Productora Independiente, est réalisateur en audiovisuel et techniques multimédia. Il est concepteur d’installations multimédia et d’écrans géants, et lance le 1er « Festival Internacional de Arte Digital », à Rosario en Argentine (déclaré d’intérêt régional et d’intérêt municipal par l’Honorable Concejo Deliberante). 
Rattlesnake Multimedia Design Productora Independiente , se reposant régulièrement sur l’utilisation des arts numériques et des technologies multimédia sur la scène française, propose actuellement des concepts et de manifestations artistiques-culturelles, dans le cadre du Festival Parachute Light Zero.

★★★ Festival Parachute Light Zéro

Parachute Light Zéro, est la continuation d’une série de festivals organisés en Argentine entre 2000 et 2007: notamment le Festival Internacional de Arte Digital qui a eu pour objectif de créer un espace d’interaction entre amateurs et professionnels de l’art numérique, du design, de la vidéo, de la photographie, de la mode, de la musique et de toute autre manifestation orientée vers la pratique expérimentale, y compris le Vj, le Dj, la performance et la création audiovisuelle en général. Le Festival Internacional de Arte Digital a été le premier espace réel de diffusion d'?uvres d’artistes argentins indépendants travaillant avec la numérisation du son et de l’image à travers différents moyens d'expression multimédia.

★★★ Répercussion et cible

Promouvoir l’art, découvrir des artistes en herbe (écoles de cinéma, d'art visuels, de photographie, de théâtre, de mode, de multimédia, ou tout autre mouvement artistique non-conventionnel ou expérimental) tout en invitant le public à vivre une expérience inattendue : artistique, intellectuelle, hédoniste, plurisensensuelle.


★★★ Notre equipe magique

★ Production Rattlesnake Multimedia Design Productora Independiente & Life On Mars
★ Direction Artistique Gabriel Otero
★ Asistent de Direction Lucie Nguyen Ngoc
★ Life On Mars Lou Bernier-Elvinger Dennis Lourenco Charchaude Laurent
★ Organisation Générale Rattlesnake Multimedia Design Productora Independiente & Life On Mars
★ Partenariats Gabriel Otero
★ "Installation Sculpturale " Alexandra Mas
★ Desfile Katia Sanz & TBA
★ Backstage Manager and Cheographer Cee Langeveldt
★ Casting Desfile Gabriel Otero
★ Marie Prieux Dj Set / Lou Bernier-Elvinger Dj Set / Adele Paris Dj Set / Deborah Rolls Dj SEt/ Coni Soddemann Dj Set
★ Vj Instalation & Mapping Ludwig UYB / Karina JunkFood / Shendra Stucki / Gabriel Otero
★ French Touch Magazine Golan Rouzhosh
★ Utopia Magazine Jar Ale de Basseville
★ Deamina Magazine Giulia Deamina
★ Love Bite Magazine Steve Taylor

★ P! Magazine
★ Models:

Abigail Lopez Cruz
Lara Jalloh
Sara Novakov 
Elizabeth Oros
Andrea Reticulli 
Sylvia Ortega Muros
Mary Dré-Montana
Laure Largitte
Albertine Alvaro
Catherine Davydzenka
Alma Erandi Weerasinghe
Juana Torres

★★★ Off Seine Hotel ★★★

Amarré au pied de la gare d’Austerlitz, le OFF est le premier hôtel et bar sur l'eau à Paris. Une destination de choix pour une expérience insolite, le OFF propose 54 chambres, 4 suites, un bar proposant des cocktails et des planches de fromages et charcuterie, une rue intérieure conçue par le designer Gérard Ronzatti, un bassin et une marina. Situé entre la Rive Gauche et la Rive Droite, les points de vue proposés par le OFF sont uniques : les jeux de lumière et les reflets de l’eau évoluent au gré de la journée.

20-22 Port d'Austerlitz
75013 Paris


Gare d’Austerlitz,
Gare de Lyon (ensuite traverser le pont Charles de Gaulle),
Vinci (29 Quai d’Austerlitz).

Austerlitz (lignes 5 et 10)
Quai de la Gare (ligne 6)
Gare de Lyon (lignes 1 et 14)

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